How To Save On Electricity In Winter

01 Apr 2022

With the cooler months rapidly approaching, learning how to save on electricity in winter can be a gamechanger when it comes to your quarterly power bill.


Although winter in Australia is usually regarded as quite mild when compared to large portions of the northern hemisphere, the three month period starting in June can still dramatically lower temperatures. For some, it means busting out the one pair of jeans they own, while for others, it can resemble the arrival of snow and sleet. 

For the majority of the Land Down Under, winter means spending money on heating. In fact, heating and cooling methods actually amount to 40% of the average Australian home’s energy bill each year, so learning how to save on electricity this winter is something on the minds of many. 

Five Ways To Save On Electricity This Winter 

Once upon a time, our homes were sanctuaries with a focus on rest, relaxation and entertainment. However, with Australians spending more time at home than ever before, these days our abodes have now also transformed into school, the office and even the gym. 

With soaring power bills as a result of increased usage, many of us have started doing some research on how to save on electricity, particularly since the coldest months of the year are rapidly approaching. While some methods require a small investment, other methods are actually free. 

Seal The Gaps – In cooler months, make sure your curtains or blinds seal your windows properly, along with blocking up any gaps under your doors. By addressing any escape routes, this is one of the most cost effective ways to ensure that the heated air in your home doesn’t “leak” outside, and actually stays indoors where you want it to be. 

Invest In Insulation – The best way to keep your home at a comfortable temperature is to invest in insulation for your ceiling, floors and walls. Along with reducing your power bills year round, insulation helps a home to stay warm in winter and cool in summer, without relying so much on your air conditioner or heating system.

Strategic Curtains – Another relatively easy way to save on electricity during the colder months is to monitor how you use your curtains. Although often deployed to keep the sun out, during winter homeowners should aim for the opposite. During the day, throw the shades open to naturally attract warmth, before promptly closing them at sunset to keep the heat indoors. 

Glaze Your Windows – Prone to letting in heat in the summer and cold draughts in the winter, inefficient windows can be a very costly business. Thankfully, the alternative is to install double glazing or window films, and even fitting blinds or shutters in addition. By addressing the little things, it’s an easy means to save on electricity in the long term. 

Layer Strategically – While it’s easy to say “wear more clothes” instead of turning on the heater, there are ways to warm yourself in a smarter fashion. Lay rugs down on cold floors to help retain heat, be sure to cover your feet and fingers for optimised body warmth, and ditch the electric blanket in favour of a hot water bottle when it’s bed time. 

If you can’t afford the investment of a green energy option like solar power as a means to save on electricity, paying attention to energy efficiency labels offer unique insights into how much power your household consumes. Older appliances can be big energy suckers when it comes time to pay your power bill, so smaller investments into items that are more modern and designed to consume less electricity may be a happy medium. 

How To Save Money On Your Monthly Bills

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