How it works

Kyco uses group buying power to attract low-priced, long-term offers from a single provider, for a small fraction of what comparasites charge. We will start with saving you money across energy and insurance services. All we need now are more Members.

A fairer go for Australians


Join Kyco for free

It’s free to be a Kyco member. You don’t even have to sign up to a provider. Our strength is in numbers — the more of us there are, the better deals Kyco can negotiate on behalf of us all. We’ll be ready to deliver the first deal after we reach 10,000 Members.


We’ll do the deal

Providers are attracted to the idea of replacing the comparasites who charge them huge commissions with a fairer system that gives them access to customers. As they come on board, Kyco Members are free to choose — or not choose — to take up a deal, and there will be no lock-in contracts.


Look forward to lower bills

It costs providers a whole lot less to use Kyco as their source of new customers, so they can offer you much lower bills as a result. There’ll be no promo periods, so you won’t get a bill shock one year on. Just bills that start low and stay low.

Goodbye rip-offs.

With Kyco, your provider gets the benefit of reducing the commission they pay, dramatically. You get the benefit of a discounted bill, which won’t bounce back up as there’s no hidden catch in the fine print.