Why Kyco

Roy Morgan data shows three million Australians use comparison sites every month. Why wouldn’t they? It’s easy. The sad thing is, some of the most popular comparison sites are ripping off the companies they represent, and ripping off the people who use them. What’s worse is, they offer promotions with end dates, so your bills go back up and you have to use their sites to find another deal — they get rich every time you switch!

Kyco is here to put an end to these comparasites and turn bill comparison into bill negotiation, on your behalf.

Collective Buying Power

Kyco are the anti-virus to the broken comparasite system, delivering cost savings through collective buying power and bill negotiation.

The power of comparasites forces service providers to pay huge commissions or lose customers. Kyco gives the lowest bidder an alternative, allowing their consumers to search for the best deal online, without the crippling commission system.

Competitive Costs

Kyco gives you access to consistently competitive costs and cumulative savings as the Kyco community grows, giving us increased buying power.

The more Australians who join Kyco for free, the more attractive we become to service providers who want to get off the money-go-round of massive commission payments. The savings they make on marketing can be passed on to you, the customer.

Total Transparency

Consumer groups love us. Comparasites hate us. We’re 100% transparent and promise no future fee increases. You can even Kyco your parents and pass your savings on to them!

You’ll always be able to see our fees, so you know we’re not ripping off your service provider. It’s a fairer system for your household bills that will keep them as low as possible, well into the future. What’s more, we will never share your details or sell your data. Our Kycommunity sticks together!