Who is behind Kyco?

Kyco is a 100% Australian-owned and independent company, backed by Australian small business operators and investors, that exists to make household bills fairer for everyone. Kyco is governed by a four-member board, pictured here.

Damien Rossi, Marketing and Brand Strategy; Founder and CEO Trond Smith; former Chief-of-Staff and Principal Advisor to the Hon Julie Bishop MP, Murray Hansen; and, management consultant and Founding Chairman of Greencross Limited, Andrew Geddes.

The Founder’s Story

The seeds for Kyco were first planted in 2013 when Trond led a challenge against a multinational energy company attempting to mine natural gas reserves from a Queensland cattle property. Immersing himself in the energy industry over two years, Trond realised up to 30 per cent of energy bills were paid to the people who sold them as commission. He founded Kyco in 2020, launching it to market in 2021 to not only highlight the broken, unsustainable model created by some leading comparison websites and the consumer choice market, but to provide a powerful solution too.